In June of 2019, a powerful and damaging storm blew through Greenville. The effect was widespread, with homeowners finding tremendous wind and hail damage to their homes. Such was the case with this home needing storm damage restoration in Greenville.

The home had suffered extensive damage to the roof, gutters, and especially the carport. In fact, the carport had been nearly completely destroyed. Walden’s Services started by removing the old carport and rebuilding it with a reinforced frame to help deter future storm damage.

This homeowner decided to improve the property a bit by pouring a concrete pad under the awning between the house and the outbuilding structure. This allowed for additional protected parking, as well as an outdoor entertaining area.

Once the storm restoration construction was complete, we replaced the roof of both structures, complete with new gutters all the way around.

The finished product was an improvement even before the storm! The homeowner was very pleased with our work, and has even had us come out for additional work since the storm damage project.

If your home has been damaged by wind, rain, hail, or tornadoes, Walden’s Services can help. We are very experienced with storm damage restoration in Greenville, working with insurance companies, and helping families rebuild after storms cause damage. Contact us for a free damage inspection and get the restoration process started today!

Photos of Roof and Carport Storm Damage Restoration in Greenville