This home needed both a new roof and gutters in Caddo Mills. Often, we find that when a home is in need of a new roof, that new gutters are also in order.

Did you know that gutters have more of a purpose than just protecting you from getting wet when you enter or exit during a rainstorm? Rain water, especially in great quantities, can have detrimental effects to the decorative plants and planters surrounding your home. What’s worse is that over time, unmanaged rainwater can soak into the soil surrounding your foundation and into your house, causing mold. Rainwater around your foundation can even erode the soil enough to cause cracks in the foundation or unevening of the foundation. Managing the rainwater off a roof is important in protecting a home for years to come.

The new roof and gutters in Caddo Mills was a routine project for us, but provided an excellent new aesthetic for this beautiful brick home. This home is now well-protected from the elements, as is the family that lives within.

Walden’s Services started this project by removing the old shingles and felt paper. We thoroughly inspected the roof decking for signs of wood rot or weakness, and replaced any deck panels necessary. We installed new high-quality felt underlayment, and replaced the old shingles with the style and color of the homeowner’s choosing. Once the new shingles had been installed, we replaced the roofing fixtures and installed new gutters to match the home’s colors. We think they did a fantastic job with their selections, as this house looks fantastic now!

If you’re looking for a new roof and gutters in Caddo Mills, Greenville, Rockwall, McKinney, or any surrounding community in Northeast Texas, Walden’s Services would love to help. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote for your next roofing project.

Photos of New Roof and Gutters in Caddo Mills

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