As a home owner, especially one with small children or pets, having a strong, sturdy fence in your backyard will help ensure that children and pets remain safe. Such was the case with this new chain link fence in Nevada.

A new backyard fence not only ensures that pets and children remain safely contained, but also helps ensure that unwanted wildlife or livestock won’t venture to areas where they aren’t wanted.

This new chain link fence in Nevada also creates a new area for this homeowner to entertain guests, or just enjoy the Texas summer evenings. The black coated chain link fence that the owner installed adds an aesthetic element and increases the value of the home.

This chain link fence features three gates for easy access outside of the fenced perimeter. The rear gate aligns with a concrete walkway that leads to the large metal shop building at the rear of the property.

Walden’s Services took the time to install these fence posts deep in the soil with a considerable amount of concrete to help ensure that the fence posts would remain steadfast in the shifting Texas soil. We’re confident that this homeowner will continue to enjoy this backyard fence for years to come.

If your home’s backyard needs a new fence to protect children, pets, or even livestock, Walden’s Services can help just like we did with this new chain link fence in Nevada. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote for your next fencing construction project.

Photos of New Chain Link Fence in Nevada